• Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik

Gertraud Gruber Cosmetic

Radiant Beauty with heart, hand and mind

Because beautiful skin is no coincidence!

Gertraud Gruber ist convinced that beauty – like health – astems from harmony: harmony between body, mind and soul. That is why the Gertraud Gruber approach to beauty care has always been a holistic one.

Gertraud Gruber special treatment methods and high-quality preparations are carefully harmonized and combined to form unforgettable experiences that meet the very highest standards of efficacy and well-being.

Beauty herbs

The aim: unique treatment results

  • Holistic cosmetics as preventive healthcare
  • Timeless beauty care based on high-quality natural products
  • Individually tailored skincare for visible results
  • Optimally effective and tolerated
Garden Park Hotel Beauty
  • High-quality preparations made from nature’s best ingredients
  • Guaranteed quality and freshness
  • Developed according to the latest scientific research
  • Long-lasting, gently restorative
  • Premium skincare at the interface of nature and science
  • Luxurious treatments based on classic and Ayurvedic methods