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(bodytreatment according to Gertraud Gruber)
This full-body massage treatment follows the strict guidelines of the Ayurveda principle, thus improving regeneration of body and mind, improving tissue structures and exerting an anti-aging effect on the entire body. The treatment starts with a silk glove massage which works like a soft dry peeling. At the same time the blood flow is stimulated and the skin is prepared for absorbing the precious active agents contained in the Ayurasan body oil which is used during the Abhyanga massage. The treatment is rounded off with the moisturising Ayurasan body lotion.


(ayurvedic full body massage)
The mother of all massages, the technique of „loving hands”. Abhyanga (which means unction) serves to harmonize the energies of the body (Doshas) and detoxify skin tissue. This massage relaxes the mind, enhances the circulation of the vital liquids and helps the nervous system find its balance. It strengthens the body, induces sound sleep, beautifies the skin and promotes vitality.


(dry massage with raw silk gloves)
Just like a lymph drainage, the removal of toxins throughout the whole body is activated through smoothing out strokes. The Garshan massage stimulates the circulation, the metabolism and the connective tissue. This is particularly suitable for people with fatty skin, metabolic problems and excess weight. A Garshan treatment helps combat cellulitis as well as joint problems such as polyarthritis.


(ayurvedic back massage)
The intensive and effective back treatment involves a special back massage with integrated Marma point treatment. Tension and blockades resulting from stress are gently loosened by means of selected herbal oils. Your back feels light and strengthened. Through fine strokes and special taps in conjunction with the integrated Marma therapy, it results in a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of absolute well-being.


(ayurvedic foot massage)
The Padabhyanga is a technique that is relaxing and at the same time stimulating that involves feet, calves and knees. The main principle of Padabhyanga is to massage the feet gently and carefully. This massage creates a wonderful feeling of abandonment, contributes to a restful night’s sleep, and in stressful situations, creates a sensation of relaxation in the entire body.


(ayurvedic head and face massage)
Ayurveda designates the head as the “Gateway to Heaven”. An ayurvedic head massage relaxes the nerve endings, promotes concentration and increases mental receptiveness. With Mukabhyanga we can experience blissful warmth, deep strength and inner peace in every fibre of our being. Through the calming touching of the skin, the nervous system experiences an immediately noticeable relaxation. Helps to counterbalance stress and exhaustion, nervousness and sleeplessness.