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The Garden Park as a present

Order vouchers

Nothing is as nice as giving pleasure to someone close to you. One of the most beautiful declarations of love and gestures of friendship is to give the person closest to your heart or your family a voucher for the Garden Park Hotel. You may choose between a accommodation voucher, a wellness voucher or a monetary voucher.

If you choose an accommodation voucher you will get first a price offer. We will send your voucher via email to print. Once the voucher amount is paid, the voucher gets its validity.

ATTENTION – important for businesses!

If you need an invoice to purchase vouchers, it is not possible to purchase the voucher online on our site. In this case we will be happy to assist you personally: contact us directly or come and visit us at the hotel, so that we can issue both the voucher and the invoice. It is not possible to request an invoice after the online purchase.

Mail. info@gardenparkhotel.com
Tel. +39 0473 618228