Well-being & Beauty

Warmth & water

Allow yourself to rest. Your soul speaks to you in the quiet moments, in between your thoughts.

Body and mind take part in an enjoyable journey of discovery in the Garden Park Hotel’s spacious well-laid out Beauty & Wellness area. Our programme of pampering includes classical and far eastern applications of agreeable baths, saunas, beauty treatments and massages – spaces to relax with a wonderful view.

Wellness world & relax areas

If you feel the need to escape and to find more peace and balance, our Garden Park Hotel is the right place for you! Sauna and baths, warmth and scents will take you to a world of recreation.

Panoramic sauna at the Garden Park Hotel
Garden Park Hotel massage

Beauty treatments

In our spacious beauty farm you can enjoy numerous beauty treatments and massages. The concept of the Garden Park Hotel is based on the inner balance of body, spirit and soul. Place yourself in the hands of our experts and pamper yourself from head to toe.

Garden Park Hotel facial treatment beauty

Just living ist not enough...

said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. (H.C. Anderson)

Garden Park Hotel massage


Whether you’re looking for something classic, exotic or energising, the power of the expert hands at work in the Garden Park Hotel will not only ensure a greater feeling of wellbeing but can also give you an energy boost.

Special offers at the Garden Park Hotel

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