• Panoramic sauna at the Garden Park Hotel
  • Waterbed in the relaxation area
  • Biosauna
  • Relaxation area

Sauna & relax area

La pace a portata di mano

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. (Richard Bach)

Immerse yourself in a world of well-being. With a smile on your lips. Feel the effect the different saunas have on body and soul and enjoy the precoius time resting up afterwards in quiet and calm. Let your mind drift and feel free, safe and secure.

So let the mind flow like water
Face life with a calm an quiet
and everything in live
will be calm and quiet
(Thich Thien-An)

The sauna world

Magic new wellness world!

Immerse yourself in this magic world of lights, fragrances, music and warmth.

1 panoramic sauna 2 relax room with waterbeds 3 herbal bio sauna
4 vitamin lounge 5 infrared lounge 6 ice fountain
7 steam room 8 aquaroom 9 waiting area
10 changing area

There is also a separate sauna garden with a plunge pool to cool off after the sauna session.

Wellness area plan
Panoramic sauna at the Garden Park Hotel

Panorama Sauna

Feel the dry heat in the panorama sauna and enjoy the spectacular view of the park and the beautiful mountains of the Vinschgau Valley. Our sauna masters will make you sweat even more during the Aufguss (infusion).

Bathrobe in the panorama sauna
Infrared daybed in the wellness area at the Garden Park Hotel

Infrared Lounge

Healthy rest!

Floating relaxation on our comfortable infrared loungers. The deep heat effectively reaches joints, tendons and muscles and thus has an effect on rheumatic complaints, disc problems, muscular complaints or back pain.


Light and warmth

One of the highlights in our wellness world is the 55°C hot herbal bio sauna, which provides magical moments with its lighting games. Dried herbs exude a pleasant, beneficial scent. Feel the warmth on the skin, watch the changing play of light while your body relaxes.

Relaxing in the Garden Park Hotel in Val Venosta Valley

Calm and relax

In our light-flooded relaxation room you may clear your mind from every thought. Well-tempered water beds and comfortable loungers invite you to rest.


Comfortable relaxation.

Listen to the sounds of the water and experience the light play of the water movements on the ceiling.
A unique experience.

Steam room

Steam Room

Feel the warm mist in the steam room. Breathe in deeply the magical power of eucalyptus and relax naturally.

Ice fountain

The ice flakes at the fountain help to refresh your body after a session in the sauna and make your skin tingle. The circulation is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened.

Ice fountain
Plunge pool for cooling off after a sauna session

Plunge pool for sauna enthusiasts

A refreshing round after a sauna session in summer where heat and cold interact. Optimal cooling for the heated body reactivates the circulation.