• Treatments in the beauty department in the Garden Park Hotel

Whole body-packs

All round pampering

Our beautician will put the chosen cream-pack on your body and wrap you in warm fleece. Whilst the pack works its magic you may relax on the electric blanket and enjoy the beneficial warmth. After the treatment you can get a shower in the treatment room.

Tip: We recommend a peeling before any other treatment in order to clean and prepare the skin for following agent substances.


Refreshing, fortifying, antispasmodic. Recommended after sports, for strains and overstrained legs.


Stimulates the metabolism, Purifying, detoxifying, activating and tightening. Recommended as anti-cellulite-treatment.

Evening primerose oil

Caring and moisturizing – a very special beauty pack.
Recommended for every type of skin, also in case of allergies and stressed skin